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We specialize in providing Nursing care and services to adult clients who come to the Manor through the Long Term single point of entry of the Department of Social Development. The concept of Carleton Manor Inc. originated with the Woodstock Rotary Club in 1967. The first Carleton Manor became a reality in July 1970, opening it's doors to a bed capacity of 63 at the 106 Elizabeth Street location. Several years later, the Manor was expanded to accommodate 93 residents, later reducing to 80. In January 2007 this building was replaced with a modern state of the art facility at a new location on Burtt Street. In November 2016 an additional 30 bed wing was opened. The state of the art building provides new technology and many added features to better meet the needs of today's senior population: in floor heating, air conditioning and internet access in each resident's room. Five large lounge areas and a special external Courtyard offer opportunity for socialization for residents, family and friends. Other special attractions include a solarium, a library, and a live fish tank.
Carleton Manor Nursing Home
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With love, good bye.
Carleton Manor Nursing Home
Carleton Manor Nursing Home
Carleton Manor Nursing Home3 weeks ago
From the November 2022 edition of the River Valley Sun, "In A Manor of Speaking".

Elvis impersonator croons and swoons Neighbours.

Elvis was in the building and the Carleton Manor Neighbours enjoyed the show.

Acclaimed Fredericton based Elvis Presley impersonator Mike Brevener performed recently at Carleton Manor, much to the delight of Neighbours and other guests.

Looking and sounding like the beloved superstar, Bravener delivered many of his iconic songs.

As a profile in the St. Thomas University Aquinian noted, Bravener and his family moved from Ontario to Fredericton where became a pastor of a small church.

Bravener began playing popular music locally to entertain his congregation and meet area residents. Imitating the King always proved a hit and fulfilled his goal of make people happy.

Soon he realized that being an Elvis impersonator not only helped him to meet people who didn't go to church but also opened doors so he could go to Manors and Seniors Homes, sing to the residents and put big smiles on their faces.
Carleton Manor Nursing Home
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Happy New Year!