Medical Services

All persons admitted to Carleton Manor are under the care of the two House Physicians.  These Physicians are licensed to practice medicine in New Brunswick.  They visit our Home three times per week to provide medical services.  Within 15 days of admission, one of the House Physicians will take a complete medical history and conduct a physical exam.  Keep in mind that all times, Carleton Manor is the new home, neighbourhood an community of the person, and not an institute or hospital.

Nursing Services

Our Nursing Team is under the supervision of the Director of Care.  Registered Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day.  Our care team consists of Licensed Practical Nurses and Resident Attendants.

Medications will be administered by licensed personnel.

The Manor has a contract with a local pharmacy to fill all medication orders in the Manor.

Medications are not kept in the neighbours’ rooms unless written permission is obtained from the physician.  Medications not paid for under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program or personal health plan will be the responsibility of the neighbour.

Dental Assessment

A dental assessment shall be completed yearly.  Carleton Manor arranges the dentist visit.  In the event of recommended dental work, families will be notified for approval.


Venipuncture (blood taking) is a function of our professional staff.  However, from time to time it may be necessary to obtain the services of a Laboratory Technician due to complexity of tests and difficulties encountered with obtaining blood.  If the service of a Lab Technician is required this will be a direct charge to the neighbour.


The Manor offers immunizations for influenza yearly, usually in November.  We also provide immunization for pneumonia once during the individuals’ stay.  Permission must be given annually by the individual/sponsor for these vaccinations and can be verbal or written.

Foot Care

Carleton Manor will provide basic foot care as part of daily care.  However, a person requiring more specialized foot care may have the services of a qualified Foot Technician.  The family member will be notified prior to foot care.  The specialized foot care will be a direct cost to the neighbour.  Please note that this specialized foot care is administered by the sole technician accepted by Carleton Manor.

Hair Care Services

A licensed hairdresser in our in-house salon provides hair care.  Regular appointments may be scheduled.  Each neighbour is responsible for this cost.  This cost is charged to their trust fund.  Gift Certificates can also be purchased for the neighbour’s use in the business office.

Dentures, Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

Persons with dentures and eyeglasses are encouraged to have their name inscribed on the dentures and eyeglasses.  Denture inscription will be done y the admission nurse.  Carleton Manor is not responsible for lost dentures, eyeglasses or hearing aids.

Lifts and Transfers

Carleton Manor has a “No Lift” policy.  Our team members have been trained to provide assistance with transferring our neighbours based on their individual abilities.

If our neighbour is not able to bear weight, specialized equipment is available in each of their rooms for lifting them from their chair to their bed or vice versa.  This equipment is valuable to the nursing team to prevent injury to back, neck and shoulder.

Carleton Manor does not have equipment available to assist with lifting neighbours in and out of vehicles.  Unfortunately, our team members are not allowed to lift neighbours in and out of vehicle.  Family members are asked to provide this support to their loved ones.

Dietary Services

The Dietician, Food Service Manager and the dietary team strive to provide quality food, which is nutritionally adequate and acceptable to the neighbour.

Upon admission, a nutritional assessment will be carried out by our dietician.  Any concerns or deficiencies will be identified at that time.  All therapeutic diets are noted and will be followed.  The main meal is at noon with a light meal in the evening.  Snacks and beverages are available between meals and in the evening.

Fish and Seafood are only served on Friday to accommodate a severe allergy.

Families bringing in food are asked to use appropriate storage, e.g. refrigeration or canisters and label with neighbour’s name and the date it is brought in and to advise staff.

Please do not bring fish or seafood into our neighbours without first checking with a team member first.

Families are encouraged to have meals with their family member and assist with feeding if they wish to.  Please inform wither dietary staff or nursing and arrangements will be made.  Meal tickets may be purchased at the business office.  You may wish to celebrate a special occasion as a family.  Please contact our Activity Department to make arrangements.

Housekeeping/Laundry Services

All cleaning services are carried out by the housekeeping team.

The Manor will provide all linen services such as sheets, pillows, towels, blankets, etc.  Neighbours may bring a special quilt, a sheet set or a favourite pillow, but due to limited storage space only 1 or 2 of each is suggested.

The laundry department provides personalized service for neighbour clothing.

Upon admission all clothing will be taken to laundry for labeling before being unpacked.  A labelling fee of $15 is charged to the neighbour’s comfort and clothing account.  This is specialized labelling that will survive laundering.

A small fee is required if necessary.  Families may wish to do mending themselves.

The Nursing Home makes arrangements with specialized clothing companies on a regular basis.  Any clothing purchased for a neighbour should be washable.  All new articles of clothing should be labelled in laundry.  Should a neighbour’s condition decline, open-backed clothing may recommended for their safety.  This type of clothing can be purchased or custom made.  Please discuss this matter with the Director of Care.

Mobility/Seating Services

The nursing department endeavours to provide rehabilitative service to each neighbour.  A Rehab Assistant works to encourage walking and maintaining optimal function.  Mobility and wheelchair specifies are determined/directed by the Extra-Mural Occupational and Physiotherapists.

Recreational Services

The Activity Department provides recreational services to each neighbour.

Special events take place during the year such as Christmas teas, Valentine teas, birthday parties, etc.  Daily events are planned and families are encouraged to attend events with the neighbour.  Every month a new calendar of events is placed on the neighbour’s room door.  Calendars are also available to families from the Activity Director or printable from this website.

Pastoral Care

Carleton Manor’s pastoral care program is provided by a committee of pastors from the local area.  This committee overseas visitation from the clergy as well as lay visitors representing church groups.  Sunday service are conducted by local clergy at 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon in the Activity Room.  Families are welcome to attend.

Carleton Manor and the Pastoral Care Committee provide a House Chaplain who visits neighbours over a 4 hour period weekly.

Upon admission a notification will be sent to the neighbour’s pastor/clergy (if desired).  On request from neighbour or family, communion can be arranged through your local pastor.  On the first Sunday of the month, deceased neighbour’s will be remembered in prayer.