Our Vision, Mission & Standards

Mission Statement

Carleton Manor is dedicated to providing quality long-term care and support services to our community while promoting an environment of optimum wellness and dignity.

Statement of Policy

As of October 2012, Carleton Manor Inc. adopted a relationship centered care philosophy known as Planetree.  In 2015, we achieved the Bronze Medal of Achievement but we did not stop there.  Our team has continued to work diligently to enhance our services to our neighbours.  This year, we have been awarded the Gold Designation, joining only 90 health care organizations world-wide, and 1 of 6 in Canada to earn this prestigious recognition.

With the Planetree philosophy, we believe:

  • That we are human beings, caring for other human beings
  • We are all caregivers
  • Caregiving is best achieved through kindness and compassion
  • Safe, accessible, high quality care is fundamental to neighbour centered care
  • In a holistic approach to meeting people’s needs of body, mind and spirit
  • Families, friends and loved ones are vital to the healing process
  • Access to understandable health information can empower individuals to participate in their health
  • The opportunity for individuals to make personal choices related to their care is essential
  • Physical environments can enhance healing, health and wellbeing
  • Illness can be a transformational experience for neighbours, families and caregivers
Value Statement

“Pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement in providing quality care in partnership with our community.” 

Explanation: Our service shall be multidisciplinary and holistic, family and community oriented.

We endeavour to provide a satisfactory quality of work life to our employees and to incorporate this quality to associated professionals and agencies.

We plan and develop programs to respond to these needs in order to enhance the quality of life of our neighbours.

We believe that whatever the condition of our Neighbour, we remain convinced of the sacredness of human life and support dignified dying.


All services provided by Carleton Manor Inc. shall be performed in accordance with the New Brunswick Nursing Homes Act, Regulations and Standards.  Carleton Manor Inc. is inspected yearly and licensed by the Department of Social Development.

Carleton Manor Inc. will ensure that:

  1. Medical staff are licensed to practice in New Brunswick;
  2. All professional and semi-professional staff have and maintain current licenses within their professional organizations.
Rights of Our Neighbours

As with all adults, our neighbours have the right to:

  • The basic requirements of life – food, shelter, clothing and social contact;
  • Self-determination – to live their lives as they wish and to make decisions provided that their actions are not contrary to the law or do not infringe upon the rights and safety of others;
  • Protection from – physical, psychological, financial, sexual, medical and systemic abuse; violation of their civil and legal rights and neglect;
  • Refuse assistance, intervention or medical treatment;
  • Give informed consent;
  • Privacy and Confidentiality – to have whatever information becomes known about them remain confidential to the fullest extent allowed within the requirement of the facility and the law;
  • To receive reactivation and assistance towards independence;
  • To be fully informed about procedures and consequences of receiving or refusing the use of restraints;
  • To exercise the rights of a citizen and to raise concerns or recommended changes to policy and services to neighbour’s concerns.

The Resident’s Council is made up of neighbours and family members who represent the interest of all the neighbours of Carleton Manor.  This council is also very important aspect of the Planetree Philosophy.  Concerns may be expressed through this council which in turn, are directed to the appropriate Team Leader or CEO.  This meeting usually occurs once per month followed by a “welcome tea” for our new neighbours.

Restraint Policy

Carleton Manor encourages least restraint.  Restraints lead to frustration, loss of dignity, and may increase risk of injury.  If used as a last resort, such application will be discussed with the physician and family before application.  Ongoing need will be evaluated regularly with the goal of reducing restraints.